Where You End, and I Begin, San Raquel

I am proud to announce that our new EP Where You End , and I Begin is out now. Compared to our last effort this release is far more sophisticated and we have made far better use of the studio to add extra elements to the music that would not be possible live. We have achieved a far fuller more musical sound with this recording. It is also a more accurate representation of who we are as a band. We had the privilege of recording all the tracks with the JB Pilon at Buffalo Studios. It was a joy to work with JB and we will be hopefully recording again with him soon.

In an age of an overabundance of music is sometimes hard for me to justify putting any music out there; are not our ears already over saturated? Is there anything new left to done? It is my hope that what we have done as a band is original and worthy of attention. For although there is a great abundance of music today much of it is cynically commercial, formulaic and unoriginal; this release is none of those.

Although I think the title means somethings something different for each of the guys for me the music speaks of erecting emotional boundaries and the simultaneous presence of beauty and ugliness in all things. It has been a long rode taking these songs from basic ideas, to full compositions, to the getting them recorded . Along the way I have learnt to appreciate what we have is a band more and I am excited to see what we come up with next.

I hope you enjoy the music.

Toby Coe

London, April 2022

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