What I Am Listening To October/November 2020

This month I have been diving into Bandcamp to see what new music I can discover that is off the beaten track. A lot of the songs I am going to talk about I found originally through an article Bandcamp put together each month for their Jazz recommendations.

This track by Mamal Hands is sublime I have heard of the group many times before but never actually listened to anything by them until I found this song. What I love about this track is the open feeling that the reduced instrumentation gives the music a spacious feeling which gives the musicians a great deal of freedom. This song feels very tender and is totally free of the empty machismo Jazz can sometimes become trapped in.

Finding Daily Worker has been a revelatory discovery. He seems to epitomise a old fashioned and direct form of artistry but he may also have access to a bit crusher. In a genre that has become so stale finally here is something fresh. The song featured here is great as is the rest of the album which has some of the strangest drum recordings I have ever heard. It’s weird, it’s a home-brew, it’s magnificent.

Bloto are a polish band that have clearly been heavily influenced by American music but have there own perspective on the genre that was pioneered by the likes of Chris Dave and later Donny McCaslin.

Have had a new album out recently so I have been digging into a old favourite from them (full disclaimer I heard this on the radio, I was working a depressing job at the time). The video for this song is very imaginative. I really love the synth bass sounds here being combined with bass guitar it creates such a beautiful thick texture. Everything Everything clearly have been clearly influenced by electronic music but they don’t beat you over the head with it. There is sophistication here but not coming from a place of guitar dominated music which is refreshing.

Weirder still is the Irish band Ten Past Seven with there discordant offering Turf War from the wonderfully titled album Long Live The Bog Walrus, for the name alone this album is probably worth a buy. Ten Past Seven remind in some ways of Planet X but they are more devious and less overtly “American”. Further they are clearly more spiritual in the album credits they mention that the band “…have made a sacrifice to the walrus gods.” Maybe they will return Ireland to its pagan roots?

Forget the radio it’s mostly bad with the exception of a few stations, forget whatever annoyances are popping up on your feed, Bandcamp may actually be the place to go. Don’t worry I haven’t be paid to say any of this. However, if you have some cash please get in touch I could use it right now.