Music On My Mind

I am proud to announce that the debut EP from San Raquel is out now on all platforms. I am proud to part of this band, I think these songs are are real testament to the friendship we have had over so many years.

Out of all things that the pandemic has taken away I miss performing and connecting with people the most. In these strange times I still finding continual solace in music and its power to transcend.

Putting this EP together has been a real labour of love. The original recording session for this was in 2018. However, after these recordings were done there were some minor additions and tweaks that needed to be made which were done over subsequent months. We were hoping to do some gigs in London to support the release but given the current situation in the UK that has not been possible. At the time of writing this a second lock down has been announced so I am not sure what will be happening to the one streamed gig we had scheduled. One of the major obstacles the pandemic has place in the way of artist is uncertainty. Given the ever changing nature of situation it is very hard to plan anything that requires in person interaction. Working online has come a long way in recent years but it is only a cheap substitute for the real thing, this is particularly true for artistic endeavors I really need to be in same room as my band mates to create. The songs can reach a half finished state via email ping pong but the completion of them always occur in person. I don’t think anyone really knows how long this current state of affairs is going to last, I am doing my best to keep working and moving forward without wasting time ruminating on the future or all the opportunities and work that have been taken away from me. More than ever it has become of paramount importance to live in the moment.

The one positive side of having such a reduced concert schedule is that we have been able to focus more on writing some new songs (both my own music and music for the band) which I hopefully we be able to share with the world soon. Speaking for myself, I can definitely say that the pandemic has forced me to focus on the simpler things in life composing being definitely one of them. In spite of al the negative things that have been happening recently I am really happy that our EP is finally out there. We are hoping to do a physical release in the near future with some bonus tracks that aren’t in the digital version.

I hope you enjoy the music.