Albums That Shaped Me: D’angelo, Voodoo

I can’t remember how I first heard this album. I think I had the CD on loan from a generous neighbour. What I am certain of is that this album changed my life.

What first hit me was the undeniable chemistry between Pino Palladino and Questlove. The way that the stretched the time and rhythms freely within a song was something I had never heard before. Even on the “straighter” songs the groove they created together was ferocious whilst always supporting the rest of the music. I was at the same time captivated and baffled by what I was hearing. Years later, I am still far from totally understanding how they did it.

Voodoo represents a magical moment in time where fate aligned with opportunity. So great was the power of the music that it attracted someone like me, who could not have lived a more different life from D’angelo, to his story and his atmosphere. To me his music still sounds like it is coming from somewhere else.

With hindsight, I can see how this album was part of the musical eruption that was later name “Neo-soul”. Labels aside, the influence of Voodoo can be heard everywhere. Rhythm sections around the world can heard imitating it’s grooves and feels. Pino Palladino single-handedly brought the P-bass back into fashion and set the new standard for all to aspire.

Albums That Shaped Me: Jean Baudin, Mechanisms

In this series I will be exploring albums that had a great influence on my musical development.

Jean Baudin’s Mechanisms is consists entirely of solo performances. The instrument Jean plays has 11 strings and does not easily fit into the category of either bass guitar or guitar. With this unique instrument he makes music that breaks fresh conceptual territory in a genre that is polluted by the constant presence of empty virtuosity. The music on Mechanisms escapes the ghetto of solo guitar/bass music and moves through a impressive range of emotions: at times dark, melancholy and finally transcendent.

One of the ways the album influenced me was the wide variety of sounds Baudin uses. The obvious examples being the effects that are used to colour the sound of the bass either modifying, or entirely transforming it. The sound of Baduin’s instrument is so unusual that even his uncoloured tone sounds futuristic.

Mechanisms showed me that instrumental music can go to a place that words can’t and that one instrument can have the power of many.

You can purchase this album from:

Introducing The DYLEMA Collective

The DYLEMA Collective is a musical project I have been a part of since it’s inception in 2016. The group encompasses a wide variety of influences and styles which make playing in this band a unique and challenging experience for me. The fact that the project is still going strong for one year with big plans for the future is a great surprise to me. I can remember when David (drums) pitched the idea of getting together and jamming with some people I only really said yes out of politeness as I was not familiar with any of the musical touchstones he mentioned. Having had a band I had earnestly tried to setup implode I was not in the mood to commit myself to something new. My decision to stay was essentially made after our first rehearsal there was real chemistry in the jams we did and I was hooked.

To give you some idea of what we sound like here is some footage from a show last year for Sofar Sounds London:

Playing in The DYLEMA Collective has been full of surprises both musical and spiritual and has really forced me to push myself as a player to try and bring something unique and fresh to the music. I have high hopes for the future and have no idea where this journey will take me.

DYLEMA: Do You Let Every Man Adapt.


The DYLEMA Collective On Tour

As you may be aware The DYLEMA Collective are currently on tour in the UK. The shows we have done so far have been exciting and we have had the privileged to play to receptive and open minded audiences. Below is a revised list of tour dates:

Playing in this band is a honor and a joy for me, the people I work with are all exceptional and force me to raise my game every night.

I will see you on the road.